a non-disabled man wearing a baseball cap, a non-disabled woman in a red shirt, and a man in a blue wheelchair hanging out in the community

Housing Assistance

Rhode Island is currently facing a housing shortage within our community. Though this process takes time, OSCIL is here to help.

OSCIL staff can assist you to discuss barriers to housing, accessibility needs and areas of preference. To be eligible the individual MUST be self-directed and have a disability. We can help individuals to apply for housing in their jurisdiction and areas of need.

If the person is not homeless, but is in need of services:

  • Housing applications can be submitted online a waitlist-centralri.com
  • More information is available from Rhode Island Housing: call (401) 457-1234 or visit rihousing.com
  • Contact 2-1-1 to receive emails on vacant apartments throughout the state. Please be aware of rent, utilities and locations for safety.
  • Remember to check out your local real estate website and local newspaper.

If you or someone you know are homeless or in imminent danger of homeless, please call the Coordinated Entry System at 401-277-4316. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you with shelter and housing resources based on a survey of your needs.

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-9pm (weekend and holiday hours vary)