a non-disabled man wearing a baseball cap, a non-disabled woman in a red shirt, and a man in a blue wheelchair hanging out in the community

Independent Living Skills Training

OSCIL’s knowledgeable staff can assist consumer’s in setting goals for self-sufficiency in the home.

Centers for Independent Living teach a wide range of skills needed to live independently and manage life with a disability. Skills training is available to persons with disabilities in almost any topic where there is a need for more independence. CILs work with individuals to increase their skills which can help them gain more control of their lives.

Skills training can include basic everyday responsibilities such as: self-care, meal preparation, budgeting, and arranging transportation. It also can address housing needs, teaching individuals the importance of self-advocacy, one’s need for accommodations and/or rights in the community.

Life skills training is goal directed and does not involve long-term case management or therapeutic intervention.