Gift of Hearing Program

The Gift of Hearing Program provides affordable hearing aids for those who qualify.

Contact OSCIL at 738-1013 to see if you are eligible, then follow these steps:


1.  Make an appointment with your doctor to get your ears checked.

· Get a copy of the report for your records. Your hearing test MUST be current within a year.

· Meet with an Independent Living Coordinator at OSCIL

· Fill out an application and Financial Needs Determination form (Provide documentation).


2.  Make an appointment with your primary care doctor or ENT.

Have your doctor fill out the pre-evaluation form. Please send a copy of pre-evaluation to OSCIL. Keep this form and your hearing test for your appointment with URI.


3.  Once you have been approved, you will receive a package with a Letter of Introduction” from OSCIL notifying URI that you are eligible to participate in the Gift of Hearing program.


4.  Call URI Speech & Hearing Center at 401-874-5969 to make an appointment. Explain that you have received a “Letter of Introduction.”


5.  Take the following to your appointment at URI:

· Letter of Introduction

· Pre-evaluation form

· Hearing Test


6.  At URI you will be tested (if required). The tester will be a student supervised by a Licensed Audiologist. You will be fitted with an ear mold. The hearing aid will then be ordered.

 *Remember - The hearing aids in this program are basic technology.


7.  When the hearing aid arrives: Return to URI for your final fitting and purchase.

· Hearing aids cost $600 per ear

· For those who qualify, OSCIL can pay for hearing aids.

· Hearing aids come with a limited warranty.

· Payment is due at the time of this appointment.

· There are no payment plans at this time.


# of persons supported*          Allowable Gross Monthly Income
1                                                                   $4849
2                                                                   $5373

3                                                                   $5897
4                                                                   $6422
5                                                                   $6946
6                                                                   $7470

*Add $121 for each additional person

There are economic guidelines for this program. OSCIL staff will work with applicants to determine eligibility and appropriate funding sources based on individual economic need. If you have any questions, please contact us at 401-738-1013.

The Ocean State Center for Independent Living (OSCIL)

works in collaboration with the

      Gift of Hearing Program at the         University of Rhode Island (URI)

Speech & Hearing Center to

provide low costhearing aids

to those in need.