OSCIL offers a range of services to consumers who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and

Deaf-Blind. Our Independent Living/Deaf Services Coordinator works one-on-one with consumers providing assistance in a variety of ways including:


Peer Counseling & Advocacy - Teaches consumers to advocate for themselves with tasks such as getting a sign language interpreter for appointments at doctor’s offices, hospitals, Social Security Offices, DHS offices, landlord’s offices etc; accessing community services, requesting reasonable accommodations and addressing general communication issues; provides services to obtain housing. Also provides assistance with bill/letter translation.


Skills Training - Tailored to meet individual needs  - Training may include budgeting, banking, using public transportation, household organization, basic computer training, communications and training in the use of adaptive equipment and services such as TTY’s, videophone, Captel Captioned Phone, RI Relay and alerting/adaptive devices.


Citizenship & Driver Education Training - Works one-on-one with consumers on how to apply for citizenship, how to study for the citizenship test/interview and how to advocate getting reasonable accommodations for the citizenship test/interview. Assists consumers in how to apply for the DMV test and provide tutoring in taking the Driver’s Education Exam.


Consumer Education - Provides OSCIL Lunch and Learn Workshops to the Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Deaf-Blind. Provides occasional seminars on topics such as Self-Advocacy and other topics of interest are offered in an informal group setting.


In addition to the above services, our Deaf Services Coordinator collaborates with other OSCIL staff to provide assistance with other OSCIL services to individuals and other service providers.