One of the key services OSCIL provides is both individual and community advocacy.  The Independent Living Coordinators at OSCIL keep up-to-date on programs and legislation which may affect persons with disabilities.   Persons with disability are taught self-advocacy skills.   This includes:

·         Learning the rights that they have already and making effective use of those rights.

·         Learning how to effectively communicate their needs to both maintain the rights they already have and to make advancement in expanding the rights of persons with disabilities.


Consumers are encouraged to contact their community leaders and legislators to inform them of their views on various programs and legislative issues.  Listed is information regarding Rhode Island's legislative offices and the Rhode Island delegation to the U.S. Congress:


Secretary of State's Office

Rhode Island General Assembly Website

Governor Daniel McKee


United States Senators

Senator Jack Reed
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse


Congressman David Cicilline - District 1          

Congressman James Langevin - District 2

OSCIL staff will work with consumers to advocate for services to meet individual needs.  This includes understanding Social Security, Vocational Rehabilitation, Medicare/Medicaid, and other agencies (necessary criteria, application process, deadlines, etc.)